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The Smart Way to Sort Out and Mix Goods

warehouse shelving system

Conveyors are used to transport items from one place to another. They are used in warehouse, where where goods are kept until they are shipped to various destinations. Nowadays, an order of certain items could amount to hundreds of thousands, a number that is beyond the capacity of humans. Instead, products are sorted and brought to the shipment doors using conveyor belts. If you have visited a warehouse, you will be able to see that products have to travel through conveyor belts before reaching the warehouse shelving system where they will be loaded on trucks on their journey toward the purchasers. Modern technology has made the sorting process fast and easy by using the appropriate conveyor system. There are several categories of conveyors depending on the type of items, the sorting system needed, and the number of items to be conveyed.

Transportation Conveyor Technologies

These are conveyors designed to move high volume of products continuously so that they do not accumulate in the conveyor. You can choose among non-powered conveyor, belt conveyor, belt driven live roller conveyor, and modular plastic belt conveyor. Non-powered conveyor has gravity wheels or rollers. It is the cheapest among all types because it is not motorized. It is used to move items to strategic pick up points. Its load can accumulate as it waits for pick-up but only at small amounts. The belt conveyor is used most of the times because it does not cost much and it quickly moves items from one point to another. It can be used to scale height and thus, it can move items despite the change in elevation.

Another type of conveyor used to transport products is the belt driven live roller conveyor. This conveyor has rollers on top of the belt. Items can be loaded at the side. It also keeps items in a straight line with the use of its skewing function. However, its movement might be hampered when there is a change in elevation.

Modular plastic belt conveyor is made of plastic modules and rods that are hinged. It is easy to clean and maintain. It can handle a few fights. Because it is plastic, it is resistant to corrosion and thus, can last a long time. However, it is also the most expensive kind of conveyor.

Accumulation Conveyor Technologies

These types of conveyors transports products as well as let them accumulate while waiting for equipment to pick them or load them to be available. Equipment has slow speed but goods can be transported at high rates. The following are the different types of accumulation conveyors.

Minimum pressure accumulation conveyor puts a certain amount of pressure to items being transported so that they will move. It is effective on cartons at all times. However, it is not used for items that can be easily damaged or broken when put under pressure. This conveyor is usually driven by belt roller or is made of modular plastic conveyor and is considered the most affordable under this technology. Another type of accumulation conveyor technologies is the Zero pressure accumulation conveyor. It is made of photo-electric sensors and an onboard zone logic that will release the accumulated items in the conveyor once driving pressure is removed. This makes it easy to remove items even from the middles of the conveyor.

Zero contact accumulation conveyors prevent an item from touching the item in front of it during accumulation. Each zone has only one item and for the items not to come into contact with each other, the conveyor belt should move very slowly. It is also referred to as motor-driven roller because each zone is run by a small motor and a photo-sensor. Each zone runs only when needed, resulting to great savings in energy.

System Conveyor Technologies

These are conveyors that have been designed for special purposes and allow the transportation and accumulation conveyors to work together. There are several types of system conveyors and these are unscramblers/singulators/pallet layer descramblers, brake metering conveyors, curves and junctions, and merge.

Unscramblers/singulators/pallet layer descramblers are used to mix and sort goods. At first, the goods are in a single file until they reach a point where they will be consolidated or mixed together or redirected or sorted out.

Brake metering conveyors are used prior to mixing or sorting. Goods are either merged or placed together in another lane or they are sorted into several lanes.

Curves and junctions allow change of direction of the goods.

A merge allows goods to come together. There are several types of merge. These are sawtooth merge, combiner merge, and staging merge. The sawtooth merge lies perpendicular to the take-away conveyor and cartons that can pass through the tooth are merged. A combiner merge is one fed by parallel conveyors where the items are combined before they are discharged. Staging merge delivers large amount of goods in a staging belt that moves to the upper control merge priority to to deliver packed stream of products.

Sortation Technologies

After the conveyors have transported, accumulated, and merged products, they have to be sorted in preparation to distribution. This technology includes deflectors, pop-up wheel in belt sorter, activated belt roller sorter, and sliding shoe sorter.

Deflectors are devices that move items away from the conveyor belt into another lane. It is used with small number of items. This method is used with items that can withstand the impact of deflection. The pop-up wheel in belt sorter is placed at a fixed angle. It lifts an item into an aftersort lane. However, they are quite slow and can only handle a small number of items per minute.

By employing the most appropriate transportation, accumulation, and sortation technologies, items stored on warehouses are moved and prepared for distribution. Since almost all functions are automated, using conveyor belts can result to higher throughput at a certain given time. Putting together products that will be shipped together because they have the same destination makes the overwhelming task simple and quick to accomplish.

How to Choose the Right Moving Company for International Moving

No matter local or international, moving is expensive and stressful. One way to reduce cost and stress is by choosing the right international movers. With hundreds of movers advertising their services, making the right choice requires lots of research. Here are some suggestions on how to make your international move smooth, safe and stress-free.

interntional movers

Make a list of international movers

You can have international movers as many as you can in your list. Having as many choices as you can will make it easy for you to find the company that can best answer your moving needs. Take an inventory of international movers operating in your area. Some serious problems connected to international moving companies happen with those found in the internet. Knowing the physical address of the company that you are about to hire will give you an assurance that if any problems arise, there is an office you can visit and are people you can ask for help. Choose companies that have been recommended by your relatives, friends and colleagues who have experienced in using their services. When use the internet to find an international mover, check customers’ testimonials and comments. After you have made your list, you can check each company’s background and make your final list.

Compare companies

Before making the final decision, compare the top 10 companies in your list in terms of price, dependability, efficiency and completeness of requirements as international mover. Price is your first consideration especially when you are moving on a limited budget. While the quotation is not the final price, you can ask for how they calculate the final fees so that you can make an estimate of the amount. The one with the lowest price may not be a good choice because dependability and efficiency are also important considerations. In this way, you will not waste time transacting with a company that you have to drop later because of expensive price.

For dependability and quality of service, take the initiative to gather information. Probably the company you have chosen has a website, too. Read customer reviews of these companies. Customer reviews present pros and cons so that you will know the strengths and weaknesses of a company. You may not be able to find the perfect international mover but you will be able to hire one that can provide you with the best service and the most reasonable price.

Ask for information about companies that your colleagues or relatives have used. The information will be a great help to you. Since they have first-hand experience using a certain company’s service, they will be able to share with you their bad and good experiences.

Check the company’s track record and experience. Select companies that have been engaging in this business for a long time. Verify claims made by reading customer’ comments from forums related to the topic. Companies list down their achievements in their web pages as well as their organization membership, accreditation, and awards received.

Ask relevant questions

Don’t hesitate to ask questions when hiring an international moving company. As a customer, you are entitled to get the information you need. If the company fails to give you an answer or if you think that it is defensive, remove it from your list. Here are some important questions to ask before you decide your international mover.

  • Ask the company for the proof of their high-quality service such as testimonials and review from customers. Most companies keep a file of these credentials so there is no reason that they cannot provide the documents. If the company refuses to produce the credentials that you ask for, you can cross it out from your list because it might be illegal or illegitimate.
  • Know if the company is a member of some organizations pertaining to moving. Companies that belong to these organizations need to meet standards set by the organization for membership and earn accreditation. Membership in any related organizations is a proof of the company’s legitimacy. As much as possible, select a moving company that is affiliated to these organizations.
  • Find out if the company will assign you an international moving coordinator. This person will take care of everything related to your move from start to finish. He or she will handle all transactions and you may contact him or her any time you want to get an update regarding your move. This person will see to it that your move will be as smooth as possible and will not cause you too much stress. With your own coordinator, you are sure that the move will run smoothly on all stages.
  • Check the license of the moving company. Using the services of a company that does not have license can jeopardize your belongings. Companies that operate illegally are most likely not to have any insurance. If something happens to your property during the process of moving, you cannot expect to get any payment, especially for damaged or lost items.
  • Check if the company owns the facilities for the move and if they have their own employees. Some companies act as intermediaries only. After getting the contract, they hire other companies to do the heavy job. Beware of people who arrive during moving day; if they do not come with your coordinator, then, do not let them move anything. Check with your coordinator if these people were sent by the company.
  • Check the company’s insurance by viewing it. International moving companies are required to have a minimum insurance coverage. If the company has nothing to show you, it is better to abort the deal.
  • Make sure to get the full name of the company, the number of years they have been in business, the business address, phone numbers (local and toll free), company website address, email address and references. Call the persons mentioned in the reference sections. If no one answers, then, these references are probably fictitious. Look somewhere else for a legitimate moving company.

Many people have become victims of companies that pretend to be movers. Check the credentials of the company you plan to hire to prevent getting scammed.

The Awakening - by Science Documentaries

How Cleaning My Own House Saved Me Money?

My own laziness almost made me broke. I used to spend my hard-earned money hiring people do clean my house. My only excuse is that I was always busy. I work two jobs and I usually really did not have extra time to spend in cleaning the house and doing other chores.

I would wake up at six in the morning. Take my shower. Have my coffee and then it was time to drive to work. I get up from first job as an office secretary at five in the afternoon. From there, I would drive to a fast food restaurant near my second job to have my dinner.

Then it’s off to my next destination as a convenience store cashier, where I would spend another four hours for my part-time job. Usually I was back at the house a few minutes past midnight. And usually it’s off to bed for me the moment I enter my bedroom.

I do this routine five days a week. And though I have two days of rest, Saturdays and Sundays, I still found it impossible to clean the house, somehow. My body was just too tired from working and from lack of sleep most days of the week.

So, a cleaning lady would come to the house every Saturday morning to do the chores that I should be doing. She was always very meticulous and she would even volunteer to cook me natural food. I appreciated her help specially getting me all groceries at wholesale price from shop owned by someone known to her. She needed a job to earn money and I needed her for list of services so that I can stay living at a livable space.

Eventually though, I discovered that I was not able to save money at all. I eat out most of the time. So that means that my food budget was way beyond my means. I have been to busy to shop for food, so I would just eat out during the work days.

During weekends when I should have time to cook, there was nothing to cook. So, rather than go grocery shopping, I would just pick up the phone and order food to be delivered.

I must admit that my lifestyle was not normal. I realized, as well, that most part of the money I have been spending on ready to eat foods could have been saved. As well as the money I have been paying for the cleaning lady.

One Saturday afternoon, I was doing personal financial accounting and I realized that I was almost broke. I have almost no money in the bank. All my incoming money were already allocated for the bills, the rent and the payment for the car. I was evaluating everything and I noticed that there wouldn’t be almost anything left for my next two weeks’ food allowance.

It was very frustrating to know that I would have to be a little frugal for the next weeks. I may not be able to eat out everyday, which meant that I should start shopping for food. That would also mean that I would have to find time to cook everyday, not just for the meals I will be having at home, but also for the food that I would have to bring to work.

Then, I realized something else, I would not be able to pay for the cleaning lady next week. I felt so dumbfounded. Who would clean the house? I have always been proud of my house. It was always clean, thanks to my cleaning lady.

Realization after realization, I was forced to admit something to myself. I needed a change of lifestyle. After a few minutes, I decided I have to move and go out. I went grocery shopping with what’s left on my debit card. I bought the essentials. I was actually surprised that I still knew what to shop for.

I got milk, juice, bread, honey, meat, eggs, fruits, vegetables, and even some laundry and home cleaning necessities. Yes, I also decided that I would do the laundry at home. It was time to stop going to the Laundromat.

It was almost time for dinner by the time I was done shopping. The aroma of coffee and doughnuts at the nearby fast food restaurant was overwhelming. But, I resisted the urge to give in. I needed to save money. I have enough food supplies in my hand that would get me through until the next pay day. So, I went home and started my home made dinner.

The following day, Sunday, I woke up early with the determination that I would start cleaning my house. I called the cleaning lady before I went shopping the previous day and told her that I would not be needing her services anymore.

So, since she did not come, the house was a mess. I started cleaning the kitchen after I had my coffee and toasts. After that, I went back to the bedroom and took care of my mess there. Living room was next. I was actually enjoying what I was doing that I have almost forgotten about lunch. But my stomach was very much aware that it was time to eat. It growled and so I made a sandwich for lunch.

I went back to work after having my sandwich. I was doing the laundry and cleaning the front yard at the same time. By the time the last laundry load was finished, the front yard was done.

I was tired by the time I went to bed that night - after having spaghetti for dinner. But, I was very happy. I was able to do something I was too lazy to do before.

From then on, I cleaned the house every Saturday and did the laundry every Sunday. I do the groceries twice a week, I used the time I used to spend eating out for that task.

Now, after a month, I may not be rich still, but I have money in my bank once again. I am happy now that I am able to save money by deciding to clean my house.